Breaking the habit of being yourself / Rompiendo el hábito de ser uno mismo

Dr. Joe Dispenza in one more brilliant description of who what we (can) do.
El Dr. Joe Dispenza en una brillante explicación de cómo operamos día con día. Subtítulos en Español cortesía de Youtube, ajustar los controles en la parte inferior de la imagen.



  1. Monica Herrera · January 11, 2013

    Woww, Gracias!

  2. Carli · May 17

    Why would you tell your parents about your blog? That seems like a recipe for a) putting a strain on your reioaitnshlp with your parents and b) making it harder to write in your blog, as you have to become more audience conscious. Blogging is hard enough without having to take that into account, IMO.

    • Germán Herrera · May 26

      Thank you for sharing your comment. Frankly, I do not write what I share thinking of my parents. My intention is to communicate what I feel after accepting it is there, despite what others may think.

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