About chaos


Butterfly, 2002

“There is, in harmony, a sort of soporific softness. The desire to stay and settle in it is the simplest expression of fear. Piercing the harmony bubble to penetrate the chaos in which harmony seems to float is the beginning of the great adventure. Meeting with uncertainty stimulates our mind and body so paralyzed by habit.
There is something suspect in our adoration of harmony. I can see a point in time which an altar containing the statuette of Caesar, representing chaos, would replace that of the Buddha. Every morning we would present an offering of our abandonment of harmony by meditating on the beauty of the chaos that inhabits us, and its infinite possibilities. Situations are not chaotic, only our reactions to them.
Accepting chaos, floating on it as on a benevolent ocean, is a joyous state from which fear has been vanquished.
By ceasing our desire to control everything we will feel stimulated, encouraged to desire things to emerge. Control emerges out of the fear of feeling fully alive. There is no authentic joy without encountering chaos.”


The doors of Joy
Daniel Didier

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