Listen silent, Diego Herrera releases a vinyl version of his Musica en Silencio CD

Diego and myself at Pirates Press 

My brother Diego Herrera and myself had the opportunity to make a collaboration recently. About one year ago, he published a cd entitled Music in Silence, Musica en Silencio,  a group of original compositions inspired by connections with fellow humans, including (and probably starting with) our father.

It was produced by Diego, with heartfelt contributions from fellow musicians Alfonso André and Enrique Toussaint. The website design had the help of Sergio Alcocer’s team (a bright mind in the world of advertising). The vinyl production was taken care of by Pirates Press in San Francisco, CA

To hear some of the sound, look for the word ‘canciones’ in the bottom center of the main page. Here is Kauyumari venado in Youtube.

The vinyl version of the project gave me the opportunity to play ball with my brother, my contribution? The images and layout. The distribution is in charge of La Roma records in DF, just in case you may want to order the vinyl.