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Butterfly, 2002

“There is, in harmony, a sort of soporific softness. The desire to stay and settle in it is the simplest expression of fear. Piercing the harmony bubble to penetrate the chaos in which harmony seems to float is the beginning of the great adventure. Meeting with uncertainty stimulates our mind and body so paralyzed by habit.
There is something suspect in our adoration of harmony. I can see a point in time which an altar containing the statuette of Caesar, representing chaos, would replace that of the Buddha. Every morning we would present an offering of our abandonment of harmony by meditating on the beauty of the chaos that inhabits us, and its infinite possibilities. Situations are not chaotic, only our reactions to them.
Accepting chaos, floating on it as on a benevolent ocean, is a joyous state from which fear has been vanquished.
By ceasing our desire to control everything we will feel stimulated, encouraged to desire things to emerge. Control emerges out of the fear of feeling fully alive. There is no authentic joy without encountering chaos.”


The doors of Joy
Daniel Didier

Dying is absolutely safe

Ram Dass

Ram Dass

Dying is Absolutely Safe

Do you remember Ram Dass? He was born Richard Alpert and was known for his personal and professional associations with Timothy Leary. He’s now a spiritual teacher and tells us at hiswebsite that dying is absolutely safe:

There is a tombstone in Ashby, Massachusetts that reads, “Remember friend, as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I. As I am now, so you must be. Prepare yourself to follow me.”

Something has happened to me as a result of meandering through many realms of consciousness over the past fifty years that has changed my attitude toward death. A lot of the fear about death has gone from me. I am someone who actually delights in being with people as they are dying. It is such incredible grace for me. In the morning, if I know I am going to be with such a person, I get absolutely thrilled because I know I am going to have an opportunity to be in the presence of Truth.

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Excerpt from: The First Initiation, by Mme de Salzmann

“First of all, he has to know what he must look at. When he knows, he must make efforts, keep his attention, look constantly with persistence. Only through maintaining his attention, and not forgetting to look, one day, perhaps, he will be able to see. If he sees one time he can see a second time, and if that continues he will no longer be able not to see. This is the state to be looked for, it is the aim of our observation; it is from there that the true wish will be born, the irresistible wish to become: from cold we shall become warm, vibrant; we shall be touched by our reality.”